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We have a large selection of Arcotherm space heaters available, they are the professional choice for heating industrial premises, warehouses, workshops, foundries and marquees.

They are built to last with superior build quality and quickly provide large volumes of heat for large internal spaces. Our range of indirect oil fired heaters provide large volumes of clean, fume free warm air and are ideal for use in locations that have limited ventilation.

We have a BTU (British Thermal Unit) calculator which helps calculate the power (Kw) and BTU/hr required to heat your space. The calculator will then select a range of heaters which match your requirements, so you know the heater you’re buying is fit for purpose!

If you are considering a portable space heater than look no further than Arcotherms range for their trusted and reliable products!

1. Arcotherm GP10M Direct Fired LPG Heater

LPG heaters are highly efficient and quickly provide large volumes of heat. These are ideal for the use in well ventilated locations for example, warehouses, workshops and foundries. Available for £99.00 ex VAT (Free Delivery).

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2. Arcotherm GP30M Direct Fired LPG Heater
Arcotherm GP30M Direct Fired Gas Heater - 31.0kW

This heater is the same as above, however this one can be easily transported and it comes supplied with a regulator and a 1.5 metre gas hose. Available for £185.00 ex VAT (Free Delivery).

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3. Arcotherm GE36 Direct Oil Fired Heater

The GE range is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications such as horticulture, agriculture and light industry. These heaters require very little installation and can be put up to use very quickly. Our range of GE heaters are IP rated which means they are waterproof making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Available for £449.99 ex VAT (Free Delivery).

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4. Arcotherm SP60 Oil Fired Cabinet Heater

This heater runs on diesel oil and features low running costs which makes it ideal for use in a wide range of locations such as factories, warehouses, supermarkets, churches, workshops and gyms. Available for £1929.00 ex VAT (Free Delivery).

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5. Arcothem Farm 200M Suspended Heater

This range of heaters have been designed specifically for acclimatizing animal rearing greenhouse crops as they provide necessary heat required for optimising productivity in all weather conditions. Available for £2774.70 ex VAT (Free Delivery).

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